SR-Pearl (Wu Mao)
Pearl (Wu Mao) Calms the mind and arrests convulsion, improves eyesight, detoxifies and prom..
SR-Premium Bird's Nest
Premium Bird's Nest Nourishes Yin and moisten dryness, supplements Qi and promotes youth.&nb..
SR-San Qi (Panax notoginseng)
San Qi (Panax notoginseng) Dissipates blood stasis and stops bleeding, reduces swelling and eases..
SR-Shi Hu (Herba dendrobii)
Shi Hu (Herba dendrobii) Nourishes Yin and clears heat, strengthens stomach and promotes pro..
SR-Wild Ginseng
Wild Ginseng  Reinforces vital energy, strengthens the spleen and lungs, calms the mind and ..
SR-Xi Hong Hua (Saffron) [Premium]
Xi Hong Hua (Saffron) [Premium] Activating blood circulation, cools the blood, detoxify, promotes..
SR-Zheng Ling Yang Si
Zheng Ling Yang Si Calms liver to stop endogenous wind, clears liver and improves eyesight, promo..
SR-Zhong Pao Shen (Cultivated Ginseng)
Zhong Pao Shen (Cultivated Ginseng) Supplements Qi and nourishes Yin, clears heat and promot..
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