A-Chuan Bei Pi Pa Tang Jiang

  • A-Chuan Bei Pi Pa Tang Jiang


Chuan Bei Pi Pa Tang Jiang

Actions: Clear heat, ventilate lung, reduce phlegm and relieve cough.
Indications: It is suitable for cough due to lung-heat resulting from external wind and heat evil attacking lung and lung fails both dispersing and descending. And it could be used to treat the following symptoms, such as cough, yellow phlegm, asthma and pharyngeal swelling.
Usage and dosage: Oral administration. 10ml each time, 3 times daily. Use the plastic cup provided to measure the syrup.
Precautions: Don’t take spicy and rich food. Not to be taken by patients with affection due to external wind and cold, or cough due to aversion to chill, and phlegm is presented as thin and white.
Side effect: Not known. 
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